Hello everyone! Have you been planning to start your podcast show? Or do you already have one? Whatever your answer is, with our new Joomla template, we have got you covered. Meet Podcast, a beautifully crafted Joomla podcast template for individual podcasters and podcast agencies.

It is a specially built Joomla template for celebrities, businesses, and influencers to showcase and promote podcasts smartly on a unified platform. You can embed podcast episodes from different sources, showcase podcaster’s profiles, list podcast episodes in different styles, and do many more things.

Let’s take a look at all of the features of Podcast at a glance.

  • 4 different home variations
  • Podcast listing comes in 4 different designs
  • Podcast details with 2 layouts
  • Embed podcast from multiple platforms
  • Podcaster listing with detailed episode listing for individuals
  • Descriptive about page along with podcaster profile
  • 2 dedicated addons
  • Monetize your podcasts with advertisements
  • eCommerce ready with J2Store
  • Have multiple designs for top-notch pages
  • SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate
  • Dedicated support and regular updates

4 Home Variations

Podcast brings 4 home variations to present podcasts smartly. Easily showcase, manage, and let your audience dig deeper with smart navigation, interactive design, and captivating color-schemes.

Introducing Podcast: A Smart Online Presence For Your Podcast Shows

  1. Podcast Default: The default home variation does a great job to reel your audience in and retain their attention. It comes with a captivating hero slider, episodes featured images, episodes & podcasters enlisting, and more.
  2. Influencer: Comes with a monochromatic color scheme and a compelling hero banner - one glance at it and people will instantly know what your show is about! Gain authority in your niche by showcasing your contribution, episodes, publication, and more.
  3. Classic: The classic home variation includes the core design elements to grow your podcast. It comes with a stunning hero followed by episode listing, contribution, popular topics & podcasters, and everything you need to drive more subscribers.
  4. Creative: Jazz things up with feature videos, horizontal episode listing, recent podcast, top podcasters, etc. This one is for podcasters more on the creative side to elegantly depict their work on the site.

List Podcast Episodes in 3 Different Styles

Introducing Podcast: A Smart Online Presence For Your Podcast Shows

Manage your podcasts and episodes with visually enriched episode lists in 3 different layouts. Designed with a listener’s goals in mind, each style variation is guaranteed to hook your audience to your site. Get a consistent style guide with ease of navigating episodes. Have clear labeling of each episode with titles and brief descriptions.

Richly Designed Podcast Details Page

Introducing Podcast: A Smart Online Presence For Your Podcast Shows

Successful podcasts are not confined to just audio. For each episode, you’ll need to add show notes and summary to attract new listeners and make your podcasts easily accessible. Add show notes and episode transcript for each episode. Feature recommended episodes, social shares, and more.

Easy to Embed Other Platforms

Introducing Podcast: A Smart Online Presence For Your Podcast Shows

No matter where you host your podcast, Podcast gives you the option to embed your podcast episode easily. Whether you have your podcast on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, or SoundCloud, Podcast got you covered. Get a custom podcast display with platform-based players and showcase logos of the platforms your episodes are from.

Collection of Podcasters and Their Episode Listings

Introducing Podcast: A Smart Online Presence For Your Podcast Shows

Podcast gives you a special page to list all of your podcasters’ profiles. And, there’s also a system to showcase each of the podcaster’s episodes on a nicely designed listing page. Let your visitors listen to their favorite podcasters easily. Showcase your podcast stars with their photos and social profiles. Display all major platforms for fans to follow your channels.

Sell Podcast Related Items with J2Store

Introducing Podcast: A Smart Online Presence For Your Podcast Shows

Podcast along with J2Store brings eCommerce functionalities to sell different related items. Showcase caps, t-shirts, water bottles, podcast magazines, coffee mugs on your store and sell them easily to your fans for promotion and extra income. Display podcast-related products with all required attributes and accept payments from different payment gateways.

Company Intro & Podcaster Profile

Introducing Podcast: A Smart Online Presence For Your Podcast Shows

Want to showcase your company in a unique way? You get an awesome About page to tell more about your podcast, background story, and many more. There’s also a dedicated page to showcase podcasters’ profiles elegantly. Display your company timeline with remarkable events & visuals. Showcase the number of hosted episodes, hosts, subscribers, and more. Present podcasters with their description, awards, visuals, etc.

2 Dedicated Addons

Introducing Podcast: A Smart Online Presence For Your Podcast Shows

As you know Podcast is built on SP Page Builder to enable you to customize the template and bring any changes you require to your site. We have added 2 dedicated addons to take this experience much further. Each comes with its own layouts too.

  1. Audio Layouts (5 Layouts): Present your content in different designs with our dedicated article addon and its 5 layouts.
  2. Audio Carousel Layouts: Scroll articles on your site with our very intuitive Article Scroller addon for SP Page Builder.

Monetize Your Podcasts

Introducing Podcast: A Smart Online Presence For Your Podcast Shows

If you want to make money on your podcast site then Podcast has you covered. This podcast Joomla template gives you a system to place ads in different spots to make your podcast show a profit-making venture. Showcase advertisements in different sizes in multiple places. Customize the dimension of your ads with SP Page Builder.

Despite having your podcast hosted on all available platforms, you need a website for a better presentation and to reach new audiences. Podcast comes in very handy in achieving this goal. We have designed and developed Podcast with all that you require to offer an awesome presentation for your podcast shows. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on Podcast and create your dream site with it.

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